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Only 90’s Kids can remember this :D

 reblog if ur a 90’s kid :D

  • crystal gems
  • jackstone 
  • pick up sticks
  • mik mik ♥
  • plastik balloon
  • sipa tingga
  • *basta bumibilis ikot nyan pag binabatak yung tali
  • icing 

90’s 😊

Natatanga talaga ako dun sa bibilis kapag hinila yung tali :( =)) HAHAHAHA


Alam ko un bumibilis un ikot pag hinahatak un 2 dulo. Di ko lang talaga alam kung ano tawag sa kanya pro ginagawa namin yun sa butones at sinulid. #childhood #memories (^_^)

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Dear You know who you are,

The truth is…



YET you are continuously hurting us and taking us for granted.

BUT why we are still here, supporting you?





When fathers are left in charge of the child lol

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Julie Anne San Jose’s (@MyJaps) newest IG icon & first post after her Asian Cruise with the Pepito Manaloto cast.

Julie Anne San Jose’s (@MyJaps) newest IG icon & first post after her Asian Cruise with the Pepito Manaloto cast.








I’ve been posting a lot of bloody rants in the past few posts that I had, just like I’ve been quietly observing this fandom for months, and the truth? Nothing has ever changed. Still the same old immature fans hungry for fame. The cycle just goes on and on and on - too much consistency in such an…

Wow! This blog is so damn great that it hurt and got me teary eyed… Truth really hurts! 😢😢😢

But what strike me most, is the constant referring to JuliElmoes as “fan lang”… Why? Are we really that insignificant? Wait, let me rephrase that! Are we that less important? 😶😶😶

Don’t get offended, please! I feel you. I understood you well. 😊

But until now, I really can’t fathom the fact that all our support, the things and sacrifices we went through are being set aside and neglected coz of the fact of how most of us resort to “bashing” “hating” the other party associated with Julie and Elmo as their means of defense mechanism to the promo stunts the network keeps on rubbing to us all… And believe me, it breaks our faney hearts to pieces! 😞😞😞

I know all these blogs mean well. I know all these POVs are strikingly true. I know most of us doesn’t think before clicking. I know frustrations and desperation to see JuliElmo back together again on TV are taking its toll on us. I know indirectly we are hurting and damaging Julie and Elmo, the very reason of our existence since 2010… But do we really should get all the blame? Did we really fail JuliElmo? Did we sinned alone in this matter? Were we wrong all along? 😣😣😣

These are just questions in my mind. I’m not being high and mighty, please bear with me? I’m just inquiring. I’m just asking. Coz I’m beginning to think that, we may not doubt or give up on JuliElmo… But it seems we’re starting to doubt and give up on JuliElmoes! I hope NOT… 😰😰😰

Just saying my POV. I’m not reacting against this blog. I don’t mean to offend anyone. But if I did, please accept my most sincere apology! ✌✌

#JuliElmoIsJuliElmo #JuliElmoForever #JuliElmoLang #SolidAndLoyalAdikAndProud

Hi. Thank you for your appreciation of my post. I am duly flattered.

But of course, I’d like to say some points regarding your reaction of my post. Don’t get me wrong, I respect your views, so please, if you may, let me just explain mine more clearly.

First, I didn’t intend to demean the definition of a “fan”, but it’s the sad truth. Whatever it is you do for your idol and even if you devote your whole life to them, you’re still JUST a fan. I mean, yes, you make them famous, you are the air that makes them alive in the showbiz world, but you could never dictate what they should do. And it is in this case actually - when fans start trying to dictate what they’re idols should and should not do - that they become even lesser of worth I believe, to their idols.

My point is that JuliElmo fans aren’t insignificant (I didn’t say it by the way, I even emphasized their value in my post), but they become one when they start doing thíngs that bear nothing for the success of their idols. Isn’t it that a lot of JuliElmo fans are like this? Just bashing and trashtalking - what good does that even bring the two?

With your question about the blame being on the fans’ shoulders alone, well of course not. I didn’t say that in my post, and I even mentioned I’m tired of the management, as well as the whole system of being a “fan.” Because truly, it’s sickening - especially with all these things happening.

On the giving up thing, well a lot of fans are just.. Well just.. Ugh. See? I can’t even tell you what. But I believe it’s never a consensus as to whether fans should give up on the fans in general. I believe it’s all about you as a fan giving up on yourself as a fan, if you think things are going nowhere. Because afterall, there wasn’t a written agreement that binds you to this fandom right? It’s your decision in the first place, so YOU should be responsible with yourself. Besides, YOU brought yourself here, so you should know when to go out.

Regarding the last part of your post, PLEASE, my friend. Don’t treat me like I know everything or like I’m better than you, because obviously, I’m not. You can be, as you put it, “high and mighty” all you want. :)

Don’t apologize, because seriously, there’s nothing to be sorry about. And thanks as well.

God bless.


Kayden’s first time experiencing rain 


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Wow. Famous.

Yan yung unang iisipin ng kahit na sinong tao kapag napadpad sa twitter account ko.

"View more photos."

Pictures after pictures. Ayy. Fangirl.

That would be the conclusion when people try to check a little bit of my timeline.


Make it happen. Shock everyone.


Alam mo Elmo, nakakatampo ka. Kahit kelan, hindi mo kami pinagtatanggol.

Oo na, ayaw mo pag kinokontrol ka. Eh anong tawag mo sa ginagawa ng mom-ager and network sayo? Di ba nila “kinokontrol” mga ginagawa mo?

Oo na, hindi na si Julie ang tandem mo ngayon. Alam naman naming lahat yun eh. Kaya…

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